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19. NGA AMERICAN NATURAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Teenagers 16-19 (Females)

19. NGA AMERICAN NATURAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Teenagers 16-19 (Females)

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This once a year event requires a 7 years drug-free polygraph. Athletes must possess a current NGA membership card. This event will be held at the Coral Springs Charter School in Coral Springs, Florida.

Crossovers allowed.

PLEASE NOTE:  After your payment is complete you will receive a form to download that is required for you to fill-out.  Be sure to complete one application per contest title.  For instance, if you are entering two classes in the NGA PRO Universe only one application needs to be submitted, but be sure to check all your boxes that you are entering. However, if you are entering a division in the NGA PRO Universe and another division in the NGA Amateur Universe you will need to complete both applications.  This also refers to the NGA American Natural Championships.

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