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NGA Amateur & Pro Membership Cards

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and the cancellation of shows, the purchase of NGA Membership Cards have been temporarily suspended. As soon as our nation gets back to our norm, the purchase of memberships will open back up. Hopefully this pandemic will be over sooner than later.

Until then, please take advantage of our 50% discount now through April 30, 2020 on our certifications and items used to study. Mental health is as important as physical health. Keeping our minds busy and occupied is imperative at this time. Just go to the following website and mention WE GOT THIS when checking out:

Take care of yourself and each others.


TIER 1:  NON-PRO QUALIFIER EVENT:  All classes are offered.  Includes but not limited to debut, novice, teens, collegiate, kid’s fitness, etc.

TIER 2:  PRO QUALIFIER: Only the overall winners are eligible to receive their NGA Pro Cards. (There must be a minimum of 5 competitors in that category to make it a PRO qualifier).

TIER 3:  PRO QUALIFIER: The winners of each class are eligible to receive their pro cards. However, there must be a minimum of 5 competitors in that class to make it a pro qualifier. If there are less than 5 competitors, the athlete must win the overall.

TIER 4:  PRO EVENT: All NGA PRO athletes are qualified to compete with a valid NGA PRO Card. PRO athlete from other organizations that the NGA recognizes are welcome to compete in NGA PRO shows. However, through the NGA Headquarters, athletes from other organizations must submit proof of their PRO status and purchase an NGA Pro Card.

TIER 5:  SUPER PRO EVENT (NGA PRO Universe Championships)
Open to all NGA Pro Athletes that have placed at a TIER IV event in the current year or in another pro organization that the NGA recognizes (proof required).  The following are the guidelines for qualifying for the NGA PRO Universe Championships: 

  • Placing in the top 5 qualifies if there were 10 or more athletes in the class
  • Placing in the top 3 qualifies if there were 5-9 in the class
  • Placing 1st qualified if there were 3-4 in the class. However, if a PRO division is not filled with three or more athletes, athletes who are trying to enter the NGA PRO Universe shall not be turned down.  Therefore, if there are less than three athletes the winner of that class is qualified to enter the NGA PRO Universe.
If a PRO athlete qualified in an event but has already qualified for the NGA PRO Universe, the next placing athlete will be qualified to enter the NGA PRO Universe.

PRO athletes that placed according to the above guidelines the previous year at the NGA PRO Universe Championships and other NGA PRO shows in October or November are qualified to enter the NGA PRO Universe the current year if they did not compete the previous year.

Amateur athletes that have qualified to turn PRO in the current year are eligible to compete in this event.  Also, amateur athletes that qualified to turn PRO at the NGA Amateur Universe the previous year are also qualified to enter the NGA PRO Universe the current year.  Amateurs that qualified to turn PRO in shows that occurred in October and November the previous year are qualified to enter the NGA PRO Universe the current year.

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